Code Geass

Here are some PNGs that I have personally taken the time to extract from scans, artbooks and large images. They can be used for layout designs, headers, signatures...anything you wish. I only ask that you please read the terms of use before proceeding.

They are sorted by series, if you wish to view the details of the image (i.e. character name, series).

Please note: many of these extractions will either have "PNG extracted by Karen of Heart's Melody or Mesmerized" stamped somewhere on the image. I am the same person that extracted these, so please do not think I stole them from Heart's Melody or Mesmerized. I was the owner of these two sites back in the day. I was just too lazy to put new stamps on them lol.

Series: Code Geass
Character(s): Suzaku Kururugi and Euphemia li Britannia
Dimensions: 599x826

Series: Code Geass
Character(s): Lelouch vi Britannia and C.C
Dimensions: 800x1038

Series: Code Geass
Character(s): Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi
Dimensions: 1000x912

Series: Code Geass
Character(s): Kallen Kouzuki
Dimensions: 700x1523

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