Here are some link buttons to link back to this site if anyone wishes to use an image. If not, a text link will suffice as well.


If you have a graphics/resources site/blog and wish to become affiliates, feel free to send me an e-mail at ethiwen87@gmail.com (subject: Affiliation w/ Snow Drops). If you have a blog or a site that isn’t graphic/resource related (i.e. fansite), you have the option to become a link exchange; just shoot me an e-mail (subject: Link Exchange w/ Snow Drops).

There is only two rules I have for both affiliation and link exchange requests:
  1. Please just keep your site active (i.e. not a dead link). I don't care how often you update...like I don't expect you to update every hour, day, week, etc (heck, even an update every 6 months is good enough for me, lol). I've been part of the online community for a while now and I know how unexpected and busy life can get.
  2. Do drop by once in a while to say hi or if you changed looks or something. Again, I don't care how often; it doesn't have to be weekly for example. And I will do the same

At the moment, applications for affiliation and link exchange is currently open. Affiliates will be posted on the side bar/navigation and link exchanges will be posted on this page.

Link Exchanges