About the Domain

So it’s been many years since I last made a comeback to the online world (it’s been well over 5 years!) and during that time frame, I gradually posted anime graphics/edits onto my deviantart. I then realized how much I missed designing animanga related graphics. Initially, I started with a tumblr blog; I thought maybe I can come back, but not actually run a website as I do not have as much free time as I used to. The idea of running a graphics blog on Tumblr came from my good friend at Star Haze Icons and it didn’t seem like a bad idea. And thus Snow Drops was born.

Fast forward to the fall and I decided...why not get hosted? I couldn't seem to find any good tumblr themes and wanted to build more on the site. I was thinking of getting subdomain hosting, but given my lifestyle...I may not be as active as my host would like and would thus possibly lose my site due to inactivity because of my life offline. I decided to buy a domain instead. After searching through different hosts, I decided to go with Name Cheap and their pricing plan didn't seem too bad. And thus the domain and site Snow Drops was born.

Some Things About Myself

Name: Karen
Alias: Lady_Ethiwen, Ethiwen, Ethie-Chan (Fan Fiction)
D.O.B December 1
Zodiac and Astrological Sign: Rabbit, Sagitarrius
Personality: Kind, caring, friendly, shy (depends if I know you or not), very approachable
Best way to contact me: ethiwen87@gmail.com
Sites I used to own: --listed newest to oldest-- Mesmerized (graphics site: mesmerized.iceglow.net, mesmerized.twilight-melody.org), Heart's Melody (graphics site: heartsmelody.jadedsky.com), Hibiscus (AsuCaga fansite: asucaga.haneuri.net, asucaga.crisp-breeze.org), Snow Lily (site collective: snowlily.radiant-sky.net), Lonely Tides (graphics site: tides.limedaisy.com) and a bunch more prior to the ones listed prior
Favorite animes: Sailor moon (90s and Crystal), Gundam Seed/Destiny, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and much, much more, including any animes that are romantic/fluffy
OTPs ♥ Lucy Heartfilia and Loke (LoLu - Fairy Tail), Athrun Zala and Cagalli Yula Athha (AsuCaga - Gundam Seed/Destiny), Tomoe and Nanami Momozono (Kamisama Hajimemashita), Ikuto Tsukyomi and Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara!), Takumi Usui and Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama)

You can also find me at Fan Fiction.net (Ethie-Chan) and Archive of our Own (Ethiwen) and also on deviantart

Gifts I have received:

Previous Versions

Here you will see the previous versions of the site

Version 6: Ice and Love
Series: The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague (Kōri Zokusei Danshi to Kūru na Dōryō Joshi)
Featuring: Fuyutsuki and Himuro
Dates Used: April 1, 2023-September 20, 2023
Description: I loved this color scheme so much ♥ Pastels are my favorite and this layout came out so beautifully. I started this series and I thought it'd be cute to do a layout dedicated to them. Himuro is just too adorable! I almost want to read the manga as the anime is now done (season 2 maybe...?)

Version 5: Musical Destiny
Series: Takt Op. Destiny
Featuring: Cosette Schneider in her Musicart form Destiny
Dates Used: October 22, 2021-March 31, 2023
Description: Wow, did I really have this one up for over 1 year? I guess I did lol. Anyways, I came across the main image on Zero Chan when I wanted to do a layout featuring this series and I thought I'd create something for it. I haven't done a red themed layout in years and it turned it really well. Quite liked the color scheme too. I never did finish the series though...might pick it back up again.

Version 4: Summertime Vibes
Series: Kamisama Hajimemashita
Featuring: Nanami Momozono and Tomoe
Dates Used: June 12, 2021-October 22, 2021
Description: I made it to the fourth version! After finishing this manga series, I really wanted to create a layout featuring this series, and this OTP ♥ I loved the series, and the ending was just...awww ♥♥ One of the best endings. And Tomoe is just...Tomoe *swoons* Why must the animanga world create such fine men? Lol. I loved the purple theme and it made a nice summertime look for the last few months. I hate to part with it, but it's time for a change lol.

Version 3: Sweetness
Series: Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama
Featuring: Takumi Usui and Misaki Ayuzawa
Dates Used: March 11, 2021-June 11, 2021
Description: The third version! I had finished this manga series and I thought, this should be my next layout. It's such a cute series ♥ So after searching for some good scans from this series, I came up with this: a yellow and pink themed look. Someone said it reminded them of ice cream and it does actually! Lol. I love this power couple...they're like...unstoppable. *sighs* to have my own Usui would be amazing hehe. No wonder why us women have such high expectations when it comes to men lol.

Version 2: Celestial Bonds
Series: Fairy Tail
Featuring: Loke and Lucy Heartfilia
Dates Used: November 24, 2020-March 11, 2021
Description: This is the first layout I designed and coded since my comeback. Of course, I had to use my OTP for this; I adore this pairing so much that I have written quite a few fanfics for them lol. It's a nice purple-pinky theme in a centered div and it came out really well for my first attempt in years...I almost don't want to part with it =( lol

Version 1: Love Will Find The Way
Series: Crash Landing on You
Featuring: Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon Se-ri
Dates Used: October 8, 2020-November 24, 2020
Description: The very first layout for the grand opening of Snow Drops on a hosted domain! Given that I haven't coded a single layout in many years, I found this lovely stylesheet from Love Blush and used it to create the first layout for the new site. I loved the colors...very autumn like. I chose to use the K-drama series Crash Landing on You to feature on the very first version. I recently finished the series and just couldn't get over how good the drama was; I just had to do a layout featuring that series. I want a Captain Ri ♥ lol. To view the first version, click on the image on the left =)