...to Snow Drops, the reincarnation of Mesmerized! This a small site where you will find mostly animanga 100x100 icons and desktop wallpapers. You will also find some resources for your graphic design needs such as PNGs, icon bases and some additional resources you may find useful. Take a look around and see what you can find in this small space of mine ♥

You are currently viewing v 6.0: Ice and Love featuring Fuyutsuki and Himuro from the animanga series The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague (Kōri Zokusei Danshi to Kūru na Dōryō Joshi)


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Slowly adding my PNG collection...

Hello everyone! I bring you some new updates, along with some old things that I am slowly adding from my prior online days mail

First off, I would like to introduce three new affiliates: Kuroi Inku, She is Loved and Tainted Wingz and one new link exchange: Red Velvet. Give each of these lovely sites a visit cool

If anyone has noticed, the PNGs page has been slowly growing. I've been adding them now and then. I'm currently working on adding my Gundam Seed/Destiny collection on there. You all can so tell which anime series is my favorite (and my OTP) sad So far, the following are up:

Onto something new, I have added 5 new 100x100 icons, which are also from Gundam Seed/Destiny heart

Hope you all like these new updates. I will update again soon. Tata for now angry

Posted by Karen on 2020-12-10

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I did it! I created a brand new look all on my own =D

Hey all! Guess what? I coded this layout myself! angry I basically had to study my premades and google anything that I didn't understand or needed a refresher of. But it came back to me slowly. I present to you...version 2.0 of Snow Drops! It features one of my favorite Fairy Tail ships, Lucy Heartfilia and Loke. This lovely purple/pinky theme originally started out orange, yellow and gold...but I didn't quite like it...and it was overly bright..I had no idea what it'd look like on other screens, so I redid it. I'm hoping this looks just as good on other screens. I have yet to test it out on mobile. It was quite nice to create a full layout for my site myself; I feel very accomplished cool

I updated a few pages, such as the about page (soon I will) and added a few new link buttons. There will be some displaying problems; I will work on that the next chance I get. I have to get ready for work soon...I don't have any content related updates as designing and coding this layout was a lot of work in itself lol. I'll have something again soon. Hope you all like the new look. Stay safe and take care of yourselves ♥

I also have a new affiliate; please welcome A Random Website. Be sure to give them a visit  laugh

Please clear your cache, cookies, etc. This layout won't display properly unless you do =)

Posted by Karen on 2020-11-24

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