...to Snow Drops, the reincarnation of Mesmerized! This a small site where you will find mostly animanga 100x100 icons and desktop wallpapers. You will also find some resources for your graphic design needs such as PNGs, icon bases and some additional resources you may find useful. Take a look around and see what you can find in this small space of mine ♥

You are currently viewing v 7.0: Season of Memories featuring Athrun Zala and Cagalli Yula Athha from the anime series Gundam Seed/Destiny


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Still here, don't worry!

Hey all! angry Just a quick little note to let you all know I'm still around. Just been majorly busy with work and...being a mom of course. I've been picking up so much overtime at work and working 10-12 hour days...We are so short staffed angel It seems everywhere is short staffed ever since restrictions have been lifted. Hope everyone has been taking care of themselves and have maybe become fully vaccinated? I already am. Second dose is no joke. It hit me so hard 24 hours after. 

Anyways, I have no design related updates...soon though. Just give me...a few months lol cool Before I take off, I leave you with two new affiliates: Heimdallr and Prism Snow. Do give them a visit some time! Until the next (real) update, take care! sad

Posted by Karen on 2021-08-11

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A New Look!

Good evening everyone! angry It's been like what...over a month since my last update? Eeep angel I'm still alive, I promise. I've just been busy offline with work and other things that preoccupy my time. I've also been doing a lot of reading and writing (fanfiction of course lol) lately. I've actually decided to attempt to write a novel heart Whether or not I actually finish it is a whole other story lol. If I do successfully finish it, I will be sure to let you all know.

Anyways, I have a new layout for tonight, just in time for the summer season cool I present to you, version 4.0: Summertime Vibesangry It features the pairing, Nanami Momozono and Tomoe from the series, Kamisama Hajimemashita. I have the entire manga series and ever since I finished it, I've been wanting to create a layout featuring these two from this series. I haven't watched the anime yet though; it's on my list of things to do at some point lol. No new updates unfortunately no but soon though frown Have a good night everyone! Well...for where it's night time for those of us anyways; it's 11:17 pm right now for me.

Posted by Karen on 2021-06-12

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