Happy 1 year! :: 2021-10-23 :: posted by Karen

Hello everyone! laugh I just realized Snow Drops has been online for one whole year! To "celebrate", I have brought to you version 5 frown It features a character from a new ongoing anime called Takt Op. Destiny. I like the character design and the plot doesn't seem too bad. And it incorporates the use of classical music, which is quite interesting. Here's a summary of the plot (source: Crunchyroll)

"Music is the light that illuminates people's hearts-- and that "light" was suddenly taken from the world. The world changed the night the black "Kuroya Meteorite" fell. Grotesque monsters known as D2 emerged from the meteorite and began to overrun the land and people. As the D2 were drawn to melodies people played, eventually "music" itself became taboo. However, those who opposed the monsters appeared. They the "Musicart," girls who draw power from music. They possess the great operas and musical scores of humanity history and use them to defeat the D2."

It's currently streaming on Crunchyroll (new episodes come out every Tuesday), so if anyone is interested, give it a watch laugh

Now, I don't have much of an update (not tonight anyways)...gomenosai! angel I only added one 100x100 icon (used in this update here) from this new anime series and I have also added a new affiliate; welcome Sea Lushh angry Everything I have so far will be added soon. Anyways, I hope you all will like the new look sad I'll update again soon! Good night all!

Ran :: 2021-11-05 :: ip: logged
Hey Karen, a late reply from me but thanks! smile.gif I've been a little inactive because of work and I'm on a vacation at the moment. I love your new layout too! Congrats on snow drops first birthday! I totally missed that my site already had it's first birthday too. xD
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