I got some new additions! :: 2021-04-23 :: posted by Karen

Hello hello! angry How is everyone doing tonight? I'm alright, just trying to squeeze in this one update before I get my kid to bed. Today, I actually have new additionscool Nothing from my old site days; aren't you proud? Lol. Although....there is one thing, but it never made it onto the prior site...you'll know which one it is when you see it haha. Anyways, without futher ado...

And that is all laugh I think this is the most I've produced in a while lol. I hope you like these new adds! Have a good night everyone! sad

Also, I opened a twitter account (lol finally); if anyone has Twitter, feel free to follow me, and I will do the same laugh

Ran :: 2021-05-29 :: ip: logged
Hi Karen! I love the icons and the Naruto wallpaper! smile.gif In gereral, I'm also a fan of your anime / manga choices for PNGs. I used one of your PNGs for my new layout. Your site is linked on a little daisy there now. smile.gif I hope you are doing well. Best regards <3
Brandi :: 2021-04-26 :: ip: logged
Loving the new additions i-sis grin.gif
Nelson :: 2021-04-24 :: ip: logged
Hey Karen! Doing great here! Hope you are as well.

Thumbs up on the latest additions! Haven't posted anything new on my end as of late. dead.gif
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