Slowly adding my PNG collection... :: 2020-12-10 :: posted by Karen

Hello everyone! I bring you some new updates, along with some old things that I am slowly adding from my prior online days mail

First off, I would like to introduce three new affiliates: Kuroi Inku, She is Loved and Tainted Wingz and one new link exchange: Red Velvet. Give each of these lovely sites a visit cool

If anyone has noticed, the PNGs page has been slowly growing. I've been adding them now and then. I'm currently working on adding my Gundam Seed/Destiny collection on there. You all can so tell which anime series is my favorite (and my OTP) sad So far, the following are up:

Onto something new, I have added 5 new 100x100 icons, which are also from Gundam Seed/Destiny heart

Hope you all like these new updates. I will update again soon. Tata for now angry

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