I did it! I created a brand new look all on my own =D :: 2020-11-24 :: posted by Karen

Hey all! Guess what? I coded this layout myself! angry I basically had to study my premades and google anything that I didn't understand or needed a refresher of. But it came back to me slowly. I present to you...version 2.0 of Snow Drops! It features one of my favorite Fairy Tail ships, Lucy Heartfilia and Loke. This lovely purple/pinky theme originally started out orange, yellow and gold...but I didn't quite like it...and it was overly bright..I had no idea what it'd look like on other screens, so I redid it. I'm hoping this looks just as good on other screens. I have yet to test it out on mobile. It was quite nice to create a full layout for my site myself; I feel very accomplished cool

I updated a few pages, such as the about page (soon I will) and added a few new link buttons. There will be some displaying problems; I will work on that the next chance I get. I have to get ready for work soon...I don't have any content related updates as designing and coding this layout was a lot of work in itself lol. I'll have something again soon. Hope you all like the new look. Stay safe and take care of yourselves ♥

I also have a new affiliate; please welcome A Random Website. Be sure to give them a visit  laugh

Please clear your cache, cookies, etc. This layout won't display properly unless you do =)

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