Grand Opening :: 2020-10-08 :: posted by Karen

Hello and welcome to Snow Drops! It's been a long time huh? For those of you who remember me, I'm Karen (a.k.a Lady Ethiwen, Ethiwen or Ethie-Chan), previous owner of Mesmerized, Hibiscus and a bunch of other sites. You can call this the reincarnation of Mesmerized. I couldn't use Tumblr anymore and decided to buy a domain instead; you can read more in the about page if you want to learn more about the rebirth of my online life. It's been so long since I coded anything, so I found this lovely stylesheet at Love Blush and I like this look. I don't seem to have much problem designing though lol. This site will be small; I will no longer offer the things I used to offer 5+ years ago. I just don't have as much free time now these days. Anyways, feel free to browse around. Some pages don't have content yet, but I'll add to it over time. Until next time!


Nelson :: 2020-10-09 :: ip: logged
It never fails to go back to old habits!
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