Premade Layouts Are Back! :: 2020-10-17 :: posted by Karen

Hey all! After much deliberation and talking to a few people who were familiar with the previous incarnation of the site, I decided to bring back premade layouts! *applause* I did back up Mesmerized years back before my prior host went down and I went through the premade layout files I had. I did decide to remove some, but there were some that made the cut. I have no idea where to put premades in the navigation, so for now, you can access it here or under the updates section in the navigation.

As I was going through these premades, it surprised me with how much I knew how to code back then lol. It's been years since I actually coded from scratch...setting up the layouts page was a challenge, but I managed to re-learn how to code tables lol. I don't know if I'll release new premade designs, but it will be a nice challenge to do one day. For now, what I have should be sufficient enough and I hope you guys will like them. I also added one fairy tail icon; it's not much, but getting all those premades posted was enough work to make up for it lol.


Chaixtea :: 2020-10-19 :: ip: logged
Yay you brought it back. I love seeing your work, you are very talented. I forgot how to code with html but once I started doing it, it all came back to me. I think it came back to you when you re-learned how to code tables.

Keep up the wonderful work that you do
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