About the Layout

A basic introduction to this layout

Here's a new premade using an image I recently extracted ♥ It's a pretty pink div-layout featuring a new series that I'm currently into: Shinigami Hime No Saikon. It features the two lead characters Kashburn Licen and Alicia Faitlin. Alicia Faitlin is the daughter of an impoverished aristocratic family; she is thrown/sold into an arranged marriage by her uncle. Alicia is known as the "Princess of Death", given to her when her first husband died during their wedding ceremony. Then Kashburn Licen arrives, making him her second husband. He is rumoured to be a tyrant, but...I shouldn't spoil anymore hehe. Read manga if you're interested =) All I can say is that these two are now a couple in the series ♥ Kashburn kind of reminds me of Tybalt in Gonzo's version of Romeo x Juliet, and he's quite the good looking character (although Athrun Zala still remains #1 to me ♥). I called this layout "The Lady and the Lord" as it seems fitting to their respective titles. To be honest, I wasn't able to think of a good title for this image lol. Anyways, if you like this layout, feel free to use it, or admire/view it =D

Layout CSS

The layout's style

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Terms of Use

This is a must-follow if you use this premade design

1.) DO NOT remove the credits and claim the layout as your own
2.) DO NOT redistribute this layout or any of the graphics associated with this layout
3.) DO NOT edit the HTML/CSS/layout images, you must use it as is, however, you can edit the avatar to put your name on it. You can only modify the margins/padding, font size, font family or the font colours, nothing else. If you know a little CSS, you can add, but not modify/change/edit, extra CSS codes to the current stylesheet if you wish, but please do not claim this layout design as your own

How to Use this Layout

General instructions on how to use this =)

1.) Download and unzip the layout file
2.) Open up "index.html" and edit the content and navigation so it applies to you
3.) Make a new folder, call it images, and upload all the images into that folder
4.) Upload remaining files into your main directory


Layout bonuses

Just the one 100x100 icon used in the introduction (it's also an icon available for download at Heart's Melody). If you would like a personalized button or icon that goes with this layout, feel free to e-mail me =)